Event Safety Management


Waterman 5 has been providing aquatic safety management in the form of race course design, consultation and certified rescue personnel for open water aquatic events. We have worked with such organizations as Swim Natation Canada (SNC), Triathlon Canada, the International Triathlon Union (ITU), Canada Games and Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA). We are dedicated to providing our clients with the safest race courses imaginable.

Unlike other sporting events, an outdoor aquatic venue requires highly specialized training. Managing safety in these unpredictable environments requires a significant amount of aquatic knowledge, specialized training and, above all, the right equipment for the job.


  •           Safety, Search and Rescue PlanThis service includes the development of a custom safety, search and rescue plan in conjunction  with specific site locations, race course features, user groups, and national and international sanctioning standards in order to provide race organizers and athletes with the piece of mind to race. A review and editing of existing plans for each event may also be done.
  •         Aquatic Race Course Design: Race course design is an important component of mitigating the risk associated with an aquatic event. Waterman5 will review in accordance with provincial/state, national, and international standards and provide ongoing recommendation for the host organizing committees on site selection.
  •         Race Day Coordination:  In conjunction with the development of a custom Safety, Search and Rescue Plan Waterman5 can provided a representation on race day that will assist in the coordination and briefing of all aquatics related resources including but not limited to; lifeguards, boat/personal watercraft (PWC) operators, event staff, volunteers, and participants. This representative will act as the primary coordinator during all phases of the event depending on the type of event, scope, size of the course and number of participants.
  •         Safety and Supervision: Qualified Lifesaving Society certified lifeguards are available. Lifeguards will be limited to Basic First Aid, CPR and the lifesaving practices of their certification. Certified boat and PWC operators with Lifeguards will provide motorized services to the event. Services will include but not be limited to; participant supervision, course traffic control and delivery of event-related water transportation during the water portion of the event.
  •          Course Setup and Take Down: Course setup will be completed in advance of event start time based on Race Director’s course design, measurements. At the conclusion of the aquatic event, the course markers will be retrieved and returned to the Race Director.
  •            Aquatic Safety Training: Waterman5 is a delivery partner of the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada and can provide professional certified training in the following areas; lifesaving, lifeguarding, first aid and boat rescue. All certified training is recognize throughout the Commonwealth.

For more information on anyone of these services please contact Waterman5 via email at info@waterman5.com